CLEVELAND, OH — Foodies call it "Liquid Gold" and many doctors would prefer you use this over butter or olive oil. It also might prevent dementia. It's nearly impossible to find the original from Australia. It's even harder to find it on sale. Today, please allow me to do both.

Dr. Don Colbert recently profiled Mac Nut Oil in his book "Let Food Be Your Medicine," writing that oils including certain types of olive oil and Mac Nut Oil are linked to reversing and possibly preventing dementia and Alzheimer's. Olive oil is unsafe at high cooking temperatures. Mac Nut Oil is safe!

Dr. Derek Alessi, health and nutrition expert weighed in to assist me today. He agrees Mac Nut Oil brings the following to your table. You can also click the play button to hear from the doctor and my heat tests.

  • 16 times healthier than olive oil
  • Improves blood flow to brain and heart
  • May help prevent stroke, dementia and heart disease
  • Repairs cellular damage from poor diet, smoking, pollutants
  • Removes "brain fog"
  • Increase cognitive (brain) functions
  • Very high heat stable - 515 degrees farenheit, chef's choice for cooking
  • Tastes like butter
  • Perfect for eggs, meat, veggies

My favorite deal today gets you two bottles for under $26 with quick free delivery. At the time this article was written, the best price on Amazon was $18 per bottle; the deal I found is $12 per bottle. Despite a lot of stock, this will sell out.

Mac Nut Macadamia Nut Oil TWO Bottles + Free Shipping

Was: $34.00

Now: $25.99

**Expected to sell out very quickly!

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