PORTLAND, Ore.— Amazon admits something clearly went wrong after the online retailer told some customers about purchases on their baby registry. The problem is many of those customers aren’t pregnant.

Social media lit up Tuesday from after people started receiving the email from Amazon announcing, “Someone great recently purchased a gift from you baby registry!”

Some people on Twitter joked about the erroneous email using the hashtag #NotPregnant. Other customers were concerned the email was a phishing scam.

A customer service agent responded on the Amazon App by explaining, “It was sent by us but was sent to customers as an error. It’s not a scam, but if you don’t have baby registry please disregard the email.”

A spokesperson from Amazon said the emails were technical glitch.

“We are notifying affected customers. A technical glitch caused us to inadvertently send a gift alert e-mail earlier today. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”