PORTLAND, Ore. — A new tariff could soon impact the price you pay for a bottle of Scotch.
Starting Friday, the U.S. is adding a 25-percent tariff to all single malt whiskey that comes from Europe.

At Botantist Bar in Portland's Pearl District bartender Robbie Wilson is worried about how much he may have to raise prices on drinks that include Scotch.

“Our margins are much smaller if a bottle is jacked up in price, I can't sit and say, 'I'll eat that cost.' I have to immediately change prices,” said Wilson.

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Industry insiders are also worried the European Union could slap retaliatory tariffs on Oregon alcohol exports.

We also reached out to the OLCC to see how this might affect state-run liquor stores.

A spokesperson for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission says prices for state-run liquor stored locked-in until next February. But they expect to see some increase in retail prices after that.

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