PORTLAND, Ore. — It is true that higher education is tied to income, but as with real estate, when it comes to how much people earn, location matters.

The U.S. Census collects data on incomes and education in locations in the country. It also reports median incomes based on educational attainment. For example, in Portland, the median income for all 630,000 residents is $38,638. Those without a high school diploma have a median income $21,782 while median earnings for people with graduate or professional degree is $65,191.

According to Census data for Oregon's 36 counties, the bigger paychecks tend to be in more affluent suburban areas. People with a bachelor's degree in Washington County, home to Intel Corp., have a median income of $55,432.

SLIDESHOW: Oregon counties ranked by earnings based on education

However, in some of the state's less-populated areas, a bachelor's degree earns more than it does in more urban counties. In Jefferson County, home to just over 22,000 people, the median income is $52,688 for college grads.

Using data from the Census' 2017 population estimates, we ranked all of the state's counties according to the median earnings of residents with bachelor's degrees. Click through the slides and see how much residents of all education levels earn in each county.

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