BINGEN, Wash. — A company in the Columbia River Gorge that spent months fighting Chinese crooks who knocked off its product is winning.

Orange Screw in Bingen, Washington, makes a rugged plastic screw used to anchor tents and tarps to keep them from blowing away

It's wildly popular—nearing $1 million in sales a year.

Company founder Kirby Erdely said crooks stole pictures of his product from the company website, made knock off screws in China and sold them online.

Erdely has a patent—so he sued. And he won.  

Erdely said he has a temporary court injunction against 85 different sellers. It froze their PayPal accounts and those companies are now negotiating with Orange Screw lawyers to reach a settlement.

“It’s a feeling of relief,” said Erdely.

At one point he worried the counterfeits would destroy his company. 

“I am thankful to be connected with a law firm and able to get results quickly,” he said. The Ference law firm is representing Orange Screw.

Erdely said since the counterfeiters were blocked, his company has had a dramatic increase in sales.

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