PORTLAND, Ore. — When Sen. Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, pundits marveled at his ability to collect large numbers of small donations.

Those donations — 26 percent of his 2008 haul consisted of contributions that were less than $200 — added up to big numbers and built a massive base that carried him to two terms.

Obama, in terms of Oregon contributions during the first quarter, has nothing on President Donald Trump. Of the 800-plus contributions to his campaign between Jan. 1 and April 15, just 18, or 2.2 percent, exceeded the $200 mark.

SLIDESHOW: 35 Oregonians who've given Trump the most money in 2019

The Business Journal is analyzing campaign contributions this week as more Democrats join the race and as Trump continues the reelection fundraising strategy that effectively launched the same month he was inaugurated.

All told, Trump collected 809 donations earmarked specifically for his presidential campaign during 2019's first quarter, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which compiled the data for the Business Journal.

The average donation was $43. All told, Trump garnered $35,090 from 267 donors during the quarter.

Linda Smith, whom the researcher lists as a Daimler Trucks North America employee, made the most contributions to the president over the period, with 25. Ten contributors made more than 10 donations.

Nationally, the president has raised more than $30 million, or $12 million more than Sen. Bernie Sanders, who leads the Democratic field in terms of funds raised.

Click through on the link above to see which Oregon donors gave the most to Trump during 2019's first quarter. Check back on Wednesday and Thursday to learn which contributors have given the most to Democratic candidates, as well as which Democrats have raised the most funds as the campaign gets underway.