PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland’s impending heat wave had a lot of people trying to buy air conditioners on Monday, while finding many big box stores had already sold out of them.

“I don't like the heat,” said customer Brian Pelky, who said one sold-out retailer referred him to Ankeny Hardware, in Southeast Portland.

“Knowing that the temperatures were going to be 105+, I was like, ‘no way,’ so we came and bought this one,” said Pelkey.

Pelkey’s was one of about 120 air conditioners purchased at Ankeny Hardware on Monday, according to owner, Norm Chusid. Chusid said they had about 400 air conditioners left in stock, with a shipment of 100 more expected on Tuesday.

“It's the beauty of being a small business,” said Chusid. “I have no one to answer to but myself if we don't sell them.”

Chusid said he expects to sell out of air conditioners by the end of the week.

“By Wednesday or Thursday, the lines in here will be about four hours deep,” said Chusid, who offered some advice to customers. “Come in as soon as you can, be patient, bring a beer so you have something to enjoy and keep you cool while you're in the store—we have the air conditioner going!”