PORTLAND, Ore. — R.B. Pamplin Corporation is closing Ross Island Sand & Gravel’s concrete division.

Around 40 employees, including all truck drivers, will be laid off, according to the Ross Island Sand & Gravel President Randall Steed. The company will sell its concrete plants and mixers.

On Tuesday, around 28 staff members were told that it was their last day of work.

“Nobody had a clue this was happening,” said Joe Cantwell. “There's a good chance that some of these guys that are living paycheck to paycheck might end up living down on that trail in a tent because of this.”

The company plans to focus on dredging and gravel going forward. Its Portland headquarters will keep a small maintenance crew, along with administration staff.

Ross Island Sand & Gravel will also continue to implement a reclamation plan on the Ross Island Lagoon, overseen by the Oregon Department of State Lands.

Steed called the closure a "long-term business decision."