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Portland Saturday Market asks community for financial help

The popular Portland tourist destination is trying to raise $150,000 to offset losses sustained last year because of pandemic restrictions and Oregon's wildfires.

PORTLAND, Ore. — One of Portland's top tourist destinations is asking the community for financial help. The movement is called "Back the Saturday Market" and they're trying to raise $150,000 to offset last year's losses.

At this point, the GoFundMe has raised more than $15,000 toward its goal. Howie Bierbaum, executive director for the Portland Saturday Market, said the money will go to paying taxes, rent and insurance.

Pandemic restrictions and Oregon's wildfires hit the market hard last year, creating a large deficit and an uncertain future, Bierbaum said.

"I was really nervous when the [Portland Children's Museum] closed. There's another beloved 75-year-old institution," Bierbaum said. "I'm hoping Portlanders rally around the Saturday Market because you can't keep losing that which you value and that which is, kind of, old-school Portland, as they say."

The market will reopen April 17 with half the usual 250 venders in order to keep everything spread out. Crews will wear masks and everything will be socially distanced.

When the market does reopen, it will only be open Saturday from 10 to 5. It will not open on Sunday because the budget doesn't allow for it right now. 

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