It's kind of sad. The 25th highest-paid college coach in Oregon earns less than $300,000 per year. Meanwhile, the top two coaches are clearing a cool $2.5 million, not counting bonuses, benefits and other perks.

As part of the Business Journal's annual salary project, we collected data through public records requests on the top 220 college and university employees across the state, each of whom brought in more than $100K per year.

SLIDESHOW: Oregon's highest paid coaches

Thirty-nine of these are coaches who combined drew $20.1 million in salary in 2017 or 2018, a median salary of $300,012 per coach. This was about the same as the prior year, so few received a raise, though the top three saw their salaries jump 38.8 percent, 257.1 percent and 48.1 percent, respectively.

Out of the state's 25 or more public and private higher-ed institutions, only two schools — University of Oregon and Oregon Sate University — are represented in this gallery due to the big-money clout of being part of the Pac-12 athletic conference. These two schools' assistant coaches earn way more than the head coaches at the state's private colleges.

Even the presidents of U of O and Oregon State, Michael Schill and Ed Ray earn base salaries of only $674,400 and $611,928, respectively, well short of their schools' top five highest-paid coaches who all earn $900K or more.

Similarly, the big-money sports of football and basketball dominate the list of the top 25 highest-paid coaches. Only two baseball coaches and one track and field coach number among them.

And gender-wise, the top 25 is a complete shutout for women. All the highest-paid coaches in Oregon are men.

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