PORTLAND, Ore. — The holiday shopping season is nigh, with consumers jostling for post-Thanksgiving sales both at their favorite brick-and-mortar spots as well as online.

Which got us thinking: Which Oregon brands, retail or otherwise, are first and foremost among Internet users' mindsets? By one measure, it's not necessarily the names one might think.

We asked the Boston-based digital marketing firm and researcher Semrush to examine which brands, among the 70-plus business names we offered, generated the most online searches through 2019. The results were a revelation.

SEE SLIDESHOW: Oregon's most 25 popular brands for 2019

Among the interesting tidbits we discovered:

The name we expected to land at the top of the list, probably the state's best-known consumer brand, most decidedly did not.

  • One of the top brands occupies an industry — financial services — that's losing ground in Oregon (a sign, perhaps, that this company is doing something right by retaining its local and regional focus).
  • Three sports teams landed among the top 25 brands.
  • Food remains important, as the list contains eight purveyors of food, beverages or restaurant services.

Semrush compiled its list by tracking monthly Google searches for the more than 70 companies we gave them. Click through on the image above to learn which, among Oregon-based brands, online denizens inquired most through the first 10 months of 2019.

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