TIGARD, Ore. — People who would be affected if a proposed TriMet MAX rail line route shifts to an alternative location gave decision makers an earful at a meeting at Tigard City Hall on Monday.

The Southwest Corridor light rail project will connect Portland to Bridgeport Village. The steering committee is made up of TriMet representatives and leaders of cities along the corridor. The original plan for rail alignment at the southern end of the line was to be near 72nd Avenue. Now an alternative alignment along 74th Avenue is being considered.

The Circuit Gym is a bouldering gym in Tigard, that is very popular with locals, and hosts national competitions. The alternative plan would run the light rail right through the expansive building, The gym would have to move. About 20 people spoke in support of not using the alternate route. Among them was the climbing gym owner, who said he’d only learned of the possible plan last week.

"I find that rather unethical and feel quite disappointed that people are thinking about the decisions they’re gonna make without knowing all of the facts. And I think one of the fact that you’re not aware of right now is how special and important and big our climbing community is, and how much the circuit bouldering gym serves the city of Tigard," Coleman said.

Others spoke against the plan and in support of other businesses and office buildings, including Interstate Roofing and the Oregon State Bar.

The steering committee made no decision today. The rail line is several years away from being built.