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Nike launches 'Future You' program designed to inspire students

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Kids and staff from 10 schools in the Portland area took a field trip to the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton on Tuesday.

“In emojis, draw how high school success equals future success,” said one of the speakers to a crowd of students, school staff and Nike leaders.

That's one of the questions folks had to answer and those answers demonstrated how differently people can think about a situation.

“You are a nerd, you study, and you eventually get to graduate and get hundreds of monies,” said Southridge High School Senior, Davis Keeter.

On Tuesday, 15 kids from 10 schools took part in Nike's new program 'Future You.’ It’s designed to get them excited about their future.

There were speakers and workshops.

“I’ve learned to be more bold with my ideas instead of second guessing myself,” said Redsea Truong, a Senior at Madison High School.

“First we start with inspiration to try to get you thinking outside of what is and start thinking about what's possible in a totally different context,” said Vanessa Wilkins, Director of the Nike School Innovation Fund.

Beaverton High piloted the program. The principal said it's changed how they think about the future, and even what courses they offer. They're future-focused.

“We're preparing students for, not the future I experienced as a high school student, but the future they're going to experience,” said Anne Erwin, Beaverton High School’s Principal.

“Everyone comes from such different backgrounds but we all have potential to do great things and have great jobs in the future,” said Keeter.

The 10 schools that are now participating in the Future You program will come up with a framework and toolkit that Nike hopes to share with schools across the nation.

“The world is changing really rapidly and schools can’t do this on their own so we have got to engage with schools to help them get ready for the future,” said Wilkins.

Future You is a Nike School Innovation Fund initiative.

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