BEAVERTON, Ore. — Nike told ESPN it has sold out of all Kobe-related items from its website and that items were not pulled from the website.

Nike’s homepage includes a tribute to the NBA legend. During a search of Kobe Bryant on the website, the only items that come up are digital gift cards.

ESPN reports that Nike is reevaluating its ongoing strategy for releasing Bryant’s signature shoe series. In the interim, it says it would prefer to limit resellers' ability to stockpile an inventory of existing products, only to sell them on the secondary market at elevated prices.

ESPN also reported that a company spokesperson said there may be Kobe product existing at retail. 

Retail partners such as Foot Locker and sneaker boutiques will continue to sell Kobe items already available for purchase, ESPN reported.

Editor's note: A company source initially told ESPN that Kobe products had been pulled from the site.

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