PORTLAND, Ore. – Kaiser Permanente employees are donating their time and giving back to the community on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

About 160 Kaiser volunteers gathered at the Parry Center for Children, on SE Powell Boulevard, and got to work painting, replacing carpet, organizing and gardening.

The work on Monday is part of the 14th annual “Days of Service” where Kaiser volunteers from around the country participate in community service events for seven days. In 2017, more than 4,000 Kaiser volunteers worked on projects in 133 communities.

The Parry Center for Children provides mental and behavioral health care for kids and teens. More than 40 kids stay on campus while they are getting healthy, and having a well-maintained campus helps the kids and families on their journey.

“This is, I think, the largest group we have ever had,” said volunteer coordinator Shanin Engman. “It means a lot because we have a huge campus – nine acres. We have the garden to take care of. For our kids, we want to keep things looking nice for them. We really rely on volunteer labor to get all that taken care of.”

“We know that living life to its fullest, living in great environments, and having a full life are what it takes to be a healthy individual,” said Willy Paul, Kaiser Foundation's Northwest Region Executive Director for National Facilities Services. “We love to give back on a day like today, to make sure that everybody has that opportunity.”