PORTLAND, Ore. -- Stars of the HGTV show Flip or Flop are speaking out about their canceled appearance in Portland late last year.

In an article posted Friday afternoon on the real estate site Zillow Porchlight, Christina El Moussa talked about her career designing and renovating houses and the reality show that documents her work, with husband Tarek.

Background: HGTV stars' house-flipping seminar gets backlash in Portland

She also addresses the controversy that surrounded the couple’s scheduled seminar, which promised to teach the ins and outs of buying, renovating and selling houses.

El Moussa wrote:

You might have heard that we cancelled the Success Path training tour through Oregon and Washington, as was reported in The Oregonian, due to a vocal group who somehow linked us to the issue of affordable housing. We are very accustomed to being on the receiving end of people’s opinions. My hairstyles, my mothering, and my interior design choices in flip houses — all are discussed.
Rent affordability is not a local issue. All across America, and abroad, it is a serious topic worthy of discussion. There is no simple solution to such a complex and sensitive situation. When demand exceeds supply there is tension.
In Oregon and in many other states, there always seems to be less and less room to grow. We are aware of the importance of efforts to manage growth, like the Urban Growth Boundary, enacted to limit sprawl and protect farms and wilderness. These efforts all share the common goal of making sure existing space is used wisely.

A rep for the couple tells KGW they are working to schedule another appearance in Portland. No date has been set.

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