The rankings of the 2017 class of Oregon's Most Admired Companies are here, and they include, along with several holdovers, a few new names.

Amid such giants as the Nikes, the Intels and the OHSUs sit such up-and-coming companies as Smarsh, Dutch Bros. and, on the nonprofit side, Children's Cancer Association.


And some of the companies honored at a downtown Portland luncheon plan to one day themselves become giants. The Tillamook County Creamery Association, one of the honorees in the food and beverage producers and agriculture category, revealed this week it's shooting for the $1 billion revenue mark.

The roster includes some of the most-noted and long-respected names in Oregon's storied business history.

The winners were selected by the more than 400 CEOs who responded to a Portland Business Journal survey seeking the most admired companies in eight industry categories. We also selected winners across all industries based on the total votes received by companies.

First-place votes count as three points, second-place votes deliver two points, while third-place votes count as one point. The resulting cumulative score — reflected on the slides above — provides the basis for the ranking.

One telling factor about this year's Most Admired Companies: Several are in the midst of reorganizations designed to make them more competitive in rapidly changing industries. The results of those changes aren’t always pain free, but the agility with which companies such as Nike and Intel responding helps explain why they remain among the companies Oregon CEOs admire the most.

For the full rankings, click through on the slides above.

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