PORTLAND, Ore. — Bullseye Glass Company has filed a $30 million federal lawsuit against Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and several state and local agencies for what the lawsuit refers to as "irrational and discriminatory conduct."

In addition to the governor, the lawsuit also names the heads of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon Health Authority, as well as the Multnomah County Health Department.

The lawsuit claims that Brown and the heads of the named agencies "covered up and concealed [their] failure to regulate emissions," and says the state of Oregon singled out Bullseye to "divert attention from its failure."

Read more about the lawsuit here.

In a statement to KGW, the office of Gov. Brown said, "We cannot comment on the specifics of pending litigation; however, Governor Brown is dedicated to ensuring clean air and water for Oregonians."

The OHA said it would not comment on pending litigation.

Bullseye reached a settlement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality after it contaminated soil and groundwater with toxic materials like cadmium and selenium in 2016.


In February 2016, hazardous levels of cadmium and arsenic were found in neighborhoods surrounding the company. The contaminants came from materials Bullseye Glass was using to make colored shades of glass.

In May 2016, Governor Kate Brown ordered a temporary cease and desist after high lead levels were found at a nearby daycare, the Children's Creative Learning Center.

Bullseye Glass installed a device known as a baghouse, which filters and controls emissions of toxic metals, in August 2016. Production of glass colored with heavy metals resumed in some of the company's newly filtered furnaces after the baghouse was installed.

In September 2016, toxic levels of heavy metals were reported to still be in the air around the daycare.

The Portland Tribune reported in June 2017 that Bullseye Glass passed tests indicating its air emissions met DEQ and Oregon Health Authority guidelines.