PORTLAND, Ore. -- An auto repair shop at the corner of Southeast 7th Avenue and Belmont Street is about to go away after 65 years of operation.

It survived storms, recessions and changing automobile systems, but it cannot withstand the rapid change sweeping Portland that is boosting land values sky high.

The historic pictures show the good ole days in the 1950s, when Exhaust Specialties launched as a new business.

Over the years Floyd Boyle built the company into a respected brand, focused on custom exhaust systems and car performance. The business was embraced by many of the areas professional car racers.

But the times are changing.

“Yeah, it’s kind of like they want to get rid of all the automotive industry out of this area,” said shop manager Donny Francis.

Outside, building cranes and yellow siding wrapping new construction show the economic forces that doomed the store.

More people arrive in Portland every day pushing land values up. And Andy Giegerich, who studies growth for the Portland Business Journal, says it's nowhere near over.

“This is going be what happens for a couple decades at least. Portland is getting much, much bigger. We're going to probably have a million people by 2050 I believe the projections are."

He's not surprised the old building that houses Exhaust Specialties is coming down.

“Absolutely this is going to keep happening and as it happens the areas like Southeast Belmont and 7th will just become more attractive for larger developers who want to push some of their mixed use projects into the inner city,” he said.

Inside Exhaust Specialties, work continues for now.

The company expanded over the years and now has four other locations that will try to absorb equipment, employees and customers.

But part of the neighborhood is going away for good.

“Yep. Seems like everything's going away,” said Francis.