PORTLAND, Ore. — A lot of Oregonians got a raise today. Minimum wage went up again!

Specifically, it went up 75 cents to $12 an hour in the Portland area. Elsewhere in Oregon, for the most part, it went up 50 cents to $10.75.

Minimum wage differs based on each area's cost of living.

Today's is the second in a series of yearly hikes. The goal is to raise the minimum wage substantially but slowly. By 2022, Portlanders will be making at least $14.75 an hour.

People KGW spoke to were all for the boost.

"Yes! Because I make minimum wage and I only work part-time," said Larry Thoman. "I only work three days a week, so it's going to be a really good thing."

"If it doesn't work, it doesn't work," said Carlos Martinez, "but if it does work, then obviously that's the most ideal thing."

"It a step in the right direction," said Jennifer Felice. "I think we have further to go because there are a lot of cities that are beating us out."

Felice is right.

In fact, San Francisco’s minimum wage went up to 15 dollars an hour today. That makes it the first major American city to require that wage for all workers.

That move in San Francisco is getting mixed reviews.

An article from The San Francisco Chronicle says restaurant and small-business owners say they're forced to cut staff and raise prices so they can pay their workers more.

Some told the newspaper they're worried about staying afloat.