PORTLAND, Ore. — Most summer vacationers prefer sitting back and relaxing to something, well, more active.

So reveals Vacasa's Summer Travel Trends Report, issued this spring. The Portland company, which specializes in helping travelers rent appropriate overnight spots, says 51 percent of those surveyed say having places to "chill" are most important in choosing their vacation options. Some 19 percent say seeking deals is most important while another 16 percent consider themselves "high rollers." Just 9 percent of respondents are "thrill seekers" while 4 percent are "wellness warriors."

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It's a compelling look at travel that includes plenty of financial tidbits. The average cost per person comes out to nearly $2,800, or about three weeks worth of pay, according to Vacasa.

Another 28 percent say they enjoy hitting local attractions on their trips while 27 percent end up spending time at the beach.

Vacasa, which raised $167 million in 2016 and 2017, has recently expanded its tech-based mission to include forays into social media management as well as brokering real estate sales. The company has provided a list of grabby Pacific Northwest summer rental options as the calendar approaches high vacation season. Click through the link above to learn about 14 such spots within a day's drive or so of Portland.

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