PORTLAND, Ore. – During Final Four week you’ll hear a lot of predictions about who people think will win the national championship.

Some predictions will be more educated than others. But none will be cuter than the puppies featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

This isn’t the first time Fallon has turned to the adorable pups for prognostication. For many big sporting events, Fallon will set out bowls of food with a team name listed on each of the bowls. The puppies will then be released. Whichever team’s bowl ends up with the most puppies is the winner.

And for this year’s Final Four the puppies have chosen….Oregon!

Watch: 'Tonight Show' puppies pick Oregon

The puppies have a history of being right more often than wrong. But recently, they picked the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl and North Carolina to win last year’s college basketball national championship. Both teams suffered heartbreaking losses on the final play of the game.

So it’s up to the Ducks to turn the losing streak around! They’ve got the support of millions of Oregonians and nine cute and cuddly puppies in New York.