Did you ever hear of Bobbie the Wonder Dog?

A new children's book tells the century-old tale of the pet that walked from Indiana to Oregon to reunite with his owners.

"Six months after he disappeared on a family trip he showed up on the main street of Silverton," said author Tricia Brown. "He did some winding around on the journey home so they figured he covered about 3,000 miles."

Brown read everything written about Bobbie in the 1920's.

"There was the owner's account, it also made the newspaper and Bobbie was in Ripley's Believe It or Not."

Brown's words are brought to life by Illustrator Cary Porter.

"Bobbie's story had never been told for the younger generation," said Brown, "and I think kids can understand the type of bond that brought Bobbie back to Oregon so many years ago."