HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A 3-year-old in Hillsboro may be serving up the sweetest cupcakes in town from her brand new backyard bakery.

“Greta’s had radiation so she can’t spend too much time in the sun,” said Greta's mom, Maggie Oberhofer. “This playhouse from Make-A-Wish is a perfect way for her to use her imagination.”

As an infant, Greta was diagnosed with leukemia.

Her big sister Charlotte donated bone marrow for a transplant.

“She had a relapse at 13 months and was treated successfully at Seattle Children’s Hospital,” explained Oberhofer. “In August, she’ll have been in remission for 2 years.”

Make-A-Wish called on volunteers from Andersen Construction to complete the playhouse,

“It took them about 12 hours to put down a foundation, build it and decorate,” said Tracey Lam from Make-A-Wish. ”They thought of everything.”

There are wooden cupcakes, a plastic tea set and play money for hours of make-believe fun.

“The first day she and her sister went out in their pajamas and played for at least four hours,” said Oberhofer. “They love the independence and having a spot of their own.”