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The good, the bad and the oh no! Coronavirus has people cutting their own hair

With salons and barber shops closed, people are cutting and dying their own hair at home. Results are, well, interesting.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The coronavirus pandemic has changed just about every part of our daily lives, and that includes how we manage our hair.

With salons and barber shops closed, many people are taking matters into their own hands. From celebrities like Pink and Blake Shelton to our staff at KGW, people are playing hairdresser at home.

Results online are, well, interesting. Some are wildly awful and bring us back to childhood days of “bowl cuts” in the kitchen with mom, others are surprisingly adequate.

KGW’s Brittany Falkers even took the clippers to her partner’s hair. It's he first time he let her cut his hair in their five-year relationship.

I've been trying to get my partner to let me cut his hair for about five years now. It just took a pandemic for him to give me a chance. I should probably leave it to the professionals. How's your hair looking these days? Growing it out? Did you let your significant other cut your hair? And no, he will not be cutting my hair. I'll be back in the salon as soon as we get through this.

Posted by Brittany Falkers on Monday, March 30, 2020

From shaved heads to missing sideburns, it seems like we should probably leave it to the professionals. Like Kirsten Appel. She’s the owner of Appel Nouveau Salon in Portland.

She’s been coloring and styling hair for more than 20 years. It’s hard for a seasoned stylist to see people hacking away at their hair, but she’ll be here to help fix it when salons are able to open back up.

“I think it's kind of reality. I actually had a client call me yesterday and ask if I could do a video chat with her on how to trim her bangs,” she said.

It’s a good idea to ask for professional advice before cutting your hair, but especially your bangs. Just look at look at #coronabangs on TikTok and you’ll see why.

On top of remote consultations, Appel is offering curbside color kits and an online tutorial to tackle those gray hairs with a root touch up.

“The last thing I wanted was for them to fall victim to the color aisle at the drug store,” Appel said. “Nothing worse than trying to fix a box color. Any hairstylist will tell you that.”

If you're thinking about an at-home dye job, Appel also suggests talking to your stylist first. They might be able to offer you the same product used at the salon. That way it's easier for your stylist to fix when you can finally get back in their chair.

“So, I at least know what the client is putting on their hair. The application, that's another thing. But that's why I created a tutorial, starring my husband. Bless his heart,” she said.

Appearance isn't high on the lists of concerns right now, but there's something to be said about looking good and feeling good.

While working from home gives us a nice break from make-up, hair products, and shaving every day, getting ready and styling your hair each morning can bring back a sense of normalcy.

You might leave the sweatpants on, but hey, it’s all about balance.

“Definitely establishing some kind of a routine is kind of important to keep you a little sane,” Appel said.

Stylists and barbers all over the country are sharing fun ways to manage your main in meantime.

Stylist and owner of The National Beauty in Portland, Heidi Cuthbert, is offering some hair inspiration on her Instagram page to cover your roots with bandannas and wraps.

#WaitForUs is also circulating on Twitter as stylist from every corner of the U.S. ask their clients to put down the sheers and have patience. They’re reminding everyone that they will be here to fix the mistakes we’re making at home as soon as they can.

Now is the time to support salons and barber shops. Many are locally owned small businesses that are struggling while the community is being told to stay home.

“Honestly, it's been a little scary. My stylists are out of work and we're not making any income,” Appel said.

Here are some ways to help: head to your barber or salon’s website and buy a gift card (you know you'll need it once we get through this). Order hair products directly from your hairdresser and have them shipped to your home.

Because our hairdressers say they need us, just as much as we need them.

“I feel like, for the clients. They've been asking…how can we support you? And this a way that they can feel like they're helping support the salon, which is also, kind of awesome for us and for them,” Appel said.

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