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Teenager continues giving gifts of comfort to young hospital patients

14 year-old Lucy Crouse knows how to sew. And she remains busy for her good cause, creating stuffed animals and quilts by the dozens.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Lucy Crouse is a stuffed animal connoisseur who knows how to stitch. And she remains busy doing a lot of it, creating stuffed animals and quilts by the dozens.

And once again Lucy is donating those items by the box and bagful, to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital in Clark County. How many this time around?

“I don't know but it's pretty great,” Lucy said earlier this week as she stood at the back of her family’s minivan, double parked in front of the hospital and packed with items to donate.

Lucy's love of sewing first made headlines last November. Her mom and grandmother began teaching her when she was six. By nine years old, she was really good and wanted to put her talents toward a good cause. She’s enlisted the whole family to help, including her dad, who cannot sew, but can stuff the fabric animals.

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This week's delivery to the hospital was about 275 “stuffies” and quilts. Most will go to young patients who need some extra TLC.

“And when somebody takes the time to make something by hand that comes from the heart, it's very special and they (the patients) understand that. So we are thrilled to have Lucy supporting us and our community and we just love her,” said Laura Walsh, Manager of volunteer services & gift shop at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center.

Lucy's mom Holly said her 14-year-old's autism is a gift that has Lucy literally wanting to save the world, one stich at a time.

Credit: Crouse family

And people like Laura Myers are taking notice and helping. Myers said her heart was touched, so she made a special fabric delivery to the Crouse home.

“I saw Lucy's story about a year ago and my mom had just passed away. And she was seamstress, a master quilter, and so I knew I wanted to give all of my mom's fabric to Lucy,” she said.

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This week’s delivery at Legacy Salmon Creek is unlikely to be the last.

“I like to do it pretty much any time, because we can always use love,” said Lucy.

And Lucy's family is happy to help her keep on giving.

“She calls her project Lucy's Stitched Hugs and I think that says a lot, because it is a hug from her to someone else and she really means it that way,” said Holly Crouse.

Click here to learn more or donate to Lucy’s project.