PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland street artist has memorialized music icon Prince with a mural.

It popped up just a few days ago on the side of a small building in the back of Motivasi Coffee Shop near Northeast 42nd Avenue and Prescott Street.

Some may call it graffiti, others call it street art.

But many of the people who have come to look at it call it a beautiful tribute to the artist who touched their lives.

"It’s beautiful, it makes me happy that it’s here," said longtime Prince fan Lori Hanrahan.

The mural was done by Portland street artist Ashley Montague. Coffee shop owner Joshua Wilson gave Montague, who is a regular at the shop, permission to do the mural.

"The community is having a great reaction to it," said Wilson.

Wilson said it took Montague two days and about six hours to complete the mural. Since then, it has attracted Prince fans from across the city.

Many of those fans are still shocked and saddened by the musician's unexpected death and seem to find some comfort in the painting.

"It makes me kind of happy that this is here to preserve his memory," said one fan. "It's good, it makes me want to listen to more Prince."