PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland man uses his medical images to create art.

"Yes there's my lungs," said Eric Hudson. "And in this one you see my brain."

Hudson uses MRIs, cat scans and other medical images in his creations.

He amassed quite a collection as he tried to solve a medical mystery.

"My symptoms would come and go," he remembered. "Pain, numbness, trouble walking."

Hudson was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition. "It cause sections of my spine to short out," he said.

Hudson admits the diagnosis lead to some dark days then a therapist recommended he try art.

"I have a degree in illustration and use photo shop in my job so it just evolved."

Each of his works starts with a black and white image.

He establishes patterns and sequences then adds vibrant colors.

Hudson is in remission and still relies on medication but the art has given him purpose.

"Art has really brought him back," said his wife Cindy. "His condition could change but he's making the best of it and I'm very proud."