PORTLAND, Ore. — When you think of school food you probably think back when you were a kid, and it may not have been that appetizing. That's not the case with Portland Public Schools. 

It’s all healthy and local. Lunch on Friday was no different, as students across the district had a Thanksgiving spread filled with turkey, mashed potatoes and roasted squash.

Every day the district tries to serve lunch meals with all local ingredients. Students at Markham Elementary were treated to quite a feast. 

The turkeys were provided by local farmer Mark Anderson with Champoeg Farm, who said it took him and his team days to slice all the turkey for students across the district.

“It’s been a fabulous opportunity to get our turkeys out to the kids and give them a taste of pasteurized protein should taste like," Anderson said/

PPS is one of many districts that received a grant from the state for the Farm to School program, which reimburses districts for buying local grown food.

The program will continue for at least the next two years.

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