A Portland benefit concert is planned to help raise money for relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The "Help Is On The Way Puerto Rico" concert and dinner is scheduled for October 15 from Noon to 5 pm at the Crystal Ballroom and will be open to all ages.

“Each one of us can contribute, and for these families it's going to make a world difference,” said Aquiles Montas, a drummer for the group Los Boricuas, which is scheduled to perform. “We are calling out to all the citizens to make Oregon present in hurricane relief efforts.”

“I think we will make a difference,” said concert organizer Elba Cox.

Several of Cox’s friends and family members were among those hurting in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Most were still without electricity, clean running water and means of communication on Thursday night.

“These are American citizens,” said Cox. “These are people that have been to wars and given their lives to this country so they have earned that we take care of them as a country.”

Admission for the concert is a $25 donation to Puerto Rico relief efforts through One America Appeal. Donation receipts will serve as a tickets, one admission per every $25 donated. Tickets for children are $15.

While those in Puerto Rico won’t hear the music, October 15, Montas hopes they will feel the love.

“Even though we're so far away,” said Montas, “We are right there with them, helping out.”