PORTLAND, Ore. -- At Roosevelt High School, a little kindness goes a long way. As a way to combat a growing feeling of uneasiness and exclusion, the students in Bryndle Rueck's leadership class started the Kindness Positivity Project where they, quite literally, pass on a little kindness.

During the lunch period, students set up a table in the commons area, complete with paper and pens, to encourage their fellow students to write an encouraging note to someone else. The notes remain anonymous and are passed out to the students later in the day.

When a student receives a note, they have three options. If they are in need of a little encouragement they can keep it. If they want to share it with someone else they can pass it. If they want to share it with everyone they can post it. On a large wall in the commons area there is wall where students can hang the messages for everyone to see.

The commons area is also decorated with positive quotes and pictures. It is an effort to make sure the students know that no matter how tough things may seem, inside the walls of their school they will always be supported and accepted.