PORTLAND, Ore. -- For nearly a decade Nate Quarry fought opponents in the UFC octagon. Now he's fighting to help a group of people, he believes are too often overlooked.

While listening to Sebastian Junger speak about his experiences coming back from war zones, Nate was inspired. He realized there needed to be a local forum for military veterans to share their stories. After a phone call to to friend and veteran Frank Grun, VetSpeak was formed.

The mission of VetSpeak is simple: They aim to give military veterans an opportunity to share their stories. By providing an opportunity for vets to share their experiences, Nate and Frank hope to help alleviate the pressures that so many vets hold inside.

For some the sharing experience opens the flood gates of emotion and leads to more dialogue. For others it provides the much needed release for a life changing and traumatic experience. Nate and Frank realize that every story is unique and each person processes in a different way, but through their organization they hope to honor and provide a service for veterans in the state of Oregon and eventually around the country.

So far they have held three VetSpeak forums with the fourth being planned right now. If you are interested in attending you can find more information on their Facebook page or on Twitter.