When Day Bibb left her abusive relationship it wasn't a choice she made overnight. The life-changing decision was one she reached after much introspection and self evaluation. She came to the realization that her happiness was worth fighting for and she credits yoga with helping her get there.

The feeling of self confidence she now has is something she was determined to share with other survivors of domestic abuse, which is why she started the nonprofit Om Thrive.

Day and her team of instructors go to domestic abuse shelters and offer free yoga classes to women struggling to put their lives back together. They believe that yoga provides more than just exercise and quiet self examination. By offering classes that fit into each woman's schedule, she is offering a chance to experience something they can own; a time of day that is only theirs. Day says this focus on self is something that is often missing from the lives of survivors and is key to coming to the realization that they are valuable and deserve to be happy.

When the participants in the program leave the shelter, Om Thrive has created a network of studios around the city that offer free classes so the survivors can continue their practice. This not only allows the women to continue their journey, but it also provides a built in network of support in the community.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can find Day at omthrive.org