CORRY, Penn. -- Normally if you are pulled over in Corry and receive a ticket, the money goes to the city, but for the month of December you can pay in with a donation to the Corry Food Pantry.

"Instead of issuing citations, we're issuing warnings during the holiday season," explains Police Chief Richard Shopene.

It's all for a campaign called Corry City Police Against Hunger. For any minor violations, or illegal parking, the warning will be issued with a flier with instructions to donate food or money to the department for the food pantry.

The Corry Area Food Pantry serves about 700 people every month.

Chief Shopene says in the past six days, they've issued about 15 to 20 fliers to surprised people who thought they were receiving a ticket.

"We're part of the community, we want to help out in the community, we're not just there to write citations and parking tickets," he says.

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