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Newberg bakery sharing joy through sweets

Mother-daughter team Karen and Kelly Pratt own Sprinkles of Joy Bakery in Newberg. Their very first challenge was opening in the middle of a pandemic.

NEWBERG, Ore. — If you swore off sweets as a New Year’s resolution, good for you. When you’re ready to give up, there’s a place to check out in downtown Newberg

“We always have double chocolate, funfetti, and then this week we have a chocolate mint, and then a maple cinnamon cupcake,” said Kelly Pratt. 

She co-owns Sprinkles of Joy Bakery with her mom Karen. They’re constantly cranking out coffee cakes, cookies and those cupcakes.

“I have all these ideas but then I'm like, is this a good idea. And she's kind of like my good idea bouncer,” Kelly said of her mom. 

“Most of the times they are,” Karen laughed.

They both love themes, and Kelly is a Disney fanatic. This week’s theme is Frozen-inspired. Olaf sugar cookies and Sven reindeer cupcakes stare back at you from the display case.

Credit: Jon Goodwin, KGW

Kelly started the business a few years back, but this is her first storefront. What makes Sprinkles of Joy even more unique is that they opened in the November, in the middle of the pandemic. It’s something that’s not lost on the Pratts. They’re aware many businesses are struggling, even closing.

“My business has been growing steadily over the last couple years just getting more and more cakes and stuff, so it was kind of a progressive next step. But it was hard,” Kelly said.

“It's been hard but there's been so many blessings for us in so many unexpected wonderful things that have happened as well,” Karen added. “I mean there's always hope. And there's always good things to come.”

So, if your sweet tooth eventually overpowers you, finding joy in the little things is a pretty good resolution for the new year as well.

“I think what I've noticed during this time is there's always little joys to find in in life and whether it's a cupcake whether it's a little simple walk outside,” Kelly said. “That's why I think my name means so much to me. I always want to find joy, wherever I can and it's kind of hard right now so just being able to find joy in the little things.”

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