CUMBERLAND, Maine — A heartwarming photo shared earlier this week by the Cumberland Police Department's Facebook page shows an officer preparing a meal inside a home.

Pots and pans? Check. Ingredients? Check. Uniform? Check. But this wasn't the newest episode of Top Chef — Sgt. Burgess was in full uniform to perform a good deed for someone who needed help.

The caption: "Sgt. Burgess checked on a very nice elderly community member in town and discovered that he was running low on food and had not eaten today. Because of this, Sgt. Burgess took it upon himself to deliver the man some food from our local food pantry and cook him a nice dinner!"

In addition to the dinner, the department said Sgt. Burgess cleaned and restocked the man's refrigerator, did a few dishes, laundry and took out the trash. They also said he's taken the man under his wing and "is going to make sure he gets whatever help he may need form the state, family, medically, etc."

Hunger in Maine is a real problem. The state ranks 7th in the nation and 1st in New England for food insecurity. More than 200,000 Mainers are suffering, according to the USDA, and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger calculates that 14 percent of all seniors in Maine are included in that figure.