As part of our weeklong series, “What Experts Wish You Knew," we're talking about things we wish we had known long ago. And we chat with experts in different fields about things they wish their clients knew long ago.

Part 2 of the series puts the spotlight on our hair, and five things stylists wish we did differently. We talked with Christine, Lindsay and Melinda from Moxie for Hair.

1. Invest in good products, especially shampoo

If you're going to invest in only one product, I definitely would buy a great shampoo,” ___ said.

“You don't want to use products that have a lot of fillers,” ___ explained. “You want a shampoo that is definitely free of sodium laural sulphate and sodium chloride. They strip the hair of color and you want to prolong the life of that.”

2. Use a heat protectant

“If you're blow drying or using a flat iron or curling iron, or any heat tool, you should use a thermal protectant,” ___ told us. “Especially if you have color on it, bleach on it. You don't want that hair to break.”

3. Turn down the temperature

“If your hair is fine and thin, you do not want to put your heat tool up to the highest setting,” ___ warned. “There's always multiple settings. Talk to your stylist about what the right setting for your hair would be, so you don't cause damage to your hair with your heat tools.”

4. Use good styling products

“Taking the time to put in a good styling product is going to help have you walk out with that same hair that we send you out with,” _____ said. “Using a great product is going to make it look the best.”

5. Be realistic

“First of all, give us a heads up. If you're wanting to make a change, let us know ahead of time because it might require a lot more time,” ____ said. “Also bring in pictures as reference. But be realistic about if those pictures are what your hair is going to do. If your hair is super dark and you want platinum, your hair might not do that and it might take a few appointments to get you there.

And one bonus tip: Sleep with your hair in a scrunchie. It will keep your hair from having kinks in it and won't cause breakage.

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