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KGW social media followers share last 'normal' pics

KGW asked users to share their last pre-coronavirus pics from their phones, and they stepped up.
Credit: kgw
"Florida in early January. So happy we got to see our grandsons before this happened." - Joan Putnam

PORTLAND, Ore. — It's been over two months since Gov. Brown issued the stay-at-home order for the state of Oregon, and KGW asked our social media followers to share the last "normal" picture taken on their phones since mid-March. 

Hundreds of images and videos poured into our Facebook page from KGW fans that were eager to reminisce on life before COVID-19. From pictures of the beach to concerts to special family moments, the images are a reminder of how life was before the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you'd like to share your images, you can go directly to the Facebook post or simply text us at 503-226-5088.

Credit: Rachel Way Howard
March 13th in Portland, impending lockdown, grocery stores overrun, and it was snowing outside.
Credit: Cat McCarthy
Tool convert at Moda on March 11th... they were scheduled for back to back shows but the March 12th was cancelled. I feel fortunate to see the last concert there for a long time.
Credit: Heather Sandberg Moore
Seaside beach weekend.
Credit: Valerie C. Hunter
Feb 29, moving Oregon to Washington. Days later, we began isolating in our new space.
Credit: Chelsea Boppre
March 12 volunteering in my daughter’s classroom

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