PORTLAND, Ore. — My new KGW Carpool gets real -- real quick. 

Dave Dahl has a wild story and he's unflinchingly transparent about it all.

He's the ex-con from Gresham who started Dave's Killer Bread. He told me about his transformation from using meth, making millions, to having a psychotic break, and then using art to fight his way back.

Dahl has been through it all, and he's put other people through it, too. He went to prison four times for charges connected to burglary, robbery, and drug use.

He eventually got a job in his father's bakery, and that's when Dave's Killer Bread was born. 

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You can find the bread in grocery stores everywhere -- along with Dahl's face on the wrapper.

He gave each loaf a different name, and his favorite is "Good Seed."

He says after years of being a "bad seed," he's now on a mission to help others struggling with addiction and mental health.

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