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Iconic Portland floating home on the market for just under $1 million

One of the most photographed floating homes in Portland is available.

PORTLAND, Ore. — In the market for a new home? One of the most photographed floating homes in Portland is available, for just under $1 million.

It has gained popularity over the years for its interesting look. It sits on the Willamette River, near Oaks Park.

Homeowner Buzz Gorder built the home in 1983. It’s all aluminum on the outside, and it’s even eclectic inside with chrome finishes.

Credit: KGW
Iconic Portland floating home up for sale

“Even when you're inside this house on a dull rainy day you're still picking up all of this color and it just comes alive,” said Gorder. 

Buzz and his wife Pam call the home “The Aqua Star." It features 15-foot ceilings and some very brightly colored art that’s displayed through the house.

The couple is selling the home so they can be closer to their daughter, who is pregnant with their first grandchild.

“The Aqua Star” has also been featured in movies and on the television show, Portlandia.

Watch: Tour inside the home

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