NORTH BEND, Ore. -- An Oregon library is helping millennials learn to grow up with a six-part course called "Adulting 101: Basic How-Tos for Ages 16-25."

The North Bend Public Library course covers some basic tasks: checking your oil, setting a budget, cleaning your oven. But it also ventures into trickier topics, like getting along with your roommates and spotting fake news.

Young adults say financial independence, not age, is the meaning of adulthood

Teresa Lucas, the assistant director of library services, says she had heard about courses in "adulting" at other libraries and was wondering how to implement such a thing when staff member Clara Piazolla approached her about the same topic.

"Great minds think alike, right? We began to brainstorm ideas," Lucas told KGW on Wednesday. "Clara came up with the schedule of programs, we began advertising, and this past Saturday we hosted our first program."

That first part in the series: "Bare Essential Cooking." But it veered from the standard culinary course and even showed college students how to cook creatively with the tools at their disposal.

"Clara began the presentation with tips on dorm cooking. She even made quesadillas using a towel, aluminum foil and an iron!" Lucas said.

Lucas provided tips for saving money on grocery shopping. She said there were only about a dozen people at that first session, but now "the word is spreading through social media at an alarming pace."

This month, the course continues with "Financial Know-how." Financial experts from a local credit union will discuss budgeting, building credit, balancing a checkbook, and filing taxes.

Upcoming courses include "Getting a Job," "News and the Like," Moving Out," and "Odds and Ends," which covers "anything else you want to know how to do!"

For those who've already learned everything there is to know about being an adult, the library also offers a course to help you unwind and get creative: the Inside the Lines Adult Coloring Club.

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