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Boise Christmas tree lot left with hundreds of unsold trees

Some Christmas tree lots around the Treasure Valley are sitting with hundreds of leftover trees days before the holiday.

BOISE, Idaho — Some Christmas tree lots in the Treasure Valley are sitting with hundreds of leftover trees days before the holiday.

Jordan Risch, owner of Jordan’s Garden Center and Seasonal Market says he has hundreds of left-over trees, that no one purchased.

“The Christmas tree industry is a crazy industry because it’s really difficult to read,” Risch said.

Risch said because of increased demand, and selling completely out of trees in 2020, he overbought, not knowing how many trees he would receive because of the shortage.

“Going into this year we were hearing from all of our suppliers that there was going to be tremendous shortages, so we tried to order everything that we expected and hoped that we got it with everyone saying there was a chance we weren’t going to get it,” he said.

According to Risch, because of his long-standing relationship with farmers and growers, he was able to receive all of the trees that he ordered.

By December 17th of 2020, Risch had completely sold out of trees. In 2021, two days before Christmas he’s trying to get rid of them. Risch said another reason for the surplus is because some small retailers that he would sell trees to in years past, chose not to buy.

“Because of the shortage, fewer people are selling trees. Risch said. “It’s a really fickle industry so there’s no good way to say yes we know we need this many trees or not.”

Risch says his lot will continue to sell Christmas trees until the day after Christmas.

The trees that do not get sold will be donated to the Boise Zoo to feed animals. All other trees will be turned into mulch.

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