NAMPA - A man in Nampa, Idaho, decided to turn his unwanted back hair into a canvas of sorts.

Mike Wolfe was embarrassed to tell his wife Jamie Wolfe about his back hair on their first date 16 years ago.

But now at the age of 35, he's willing to share it.

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"Everybody always makes fun of the guy with back hair. Well now it's my turn to shine, right?" said Mike Wolfe.

With his college buddy, Tyler Harding, they set up a sort-of salon in Mike's garage. And start with a sketch.

Back in 2008 Mike asked Harding, who he has known for a decade, to trim a design in his back hair.

"I said, 'Hey, Tyler. I need an American flag on my back.' and he just laughed and said, 'I got this,'" Mike said

They called that first creation "Am-hair-ica the beautiful" and a Calend-hair was born.

Each month is uniquely named, like The Grim Reap-hair for October, the M-hairy-achi Band for May for Cinco de Mayo.

It takes Mike four months to grow out his canvas of back hair. And it takes Tyler about an hour to try to trim their latest design.

While Mike can thank his family for the fitting last name of Wolfe, he has to welcome his wife's ability to appreciate his coiffed crusade even more.

"Looking back now this might be because of me," said Jamie. "Maybe I shouldn't have given him so much confidence in his back hair."

Mike says some of the proceeds from the sale of his "Calend-hair" will benefit Gates of Hope, a charity through his church that helps an orphanage in Kenya.

He and Harding plan to use the rest of the proceeds on a "Hair-cation of a Wife-time" to say thanks to their wives for putting up with them.