Potatoes grown from King and Snohomish County food waste debuted as French fries and other dishes Sunday at the Seahawks game.

It was the first time an entire food item came from one farm, Sound Sustainable Farms in Redmond. It's a farm run by Cedar Grove Compost, the company responsible for turning 350,000 tons of food waste into compost every year.

That compost grew pesticide-free potatoes which energized the 12th Man during Sunday's last minute win against the Houston Texans.

An order of 6,000 pounds brought a little potato pressure, especially for the farm's first growing season. But no more pressure than game day, and for the Seahawks, it's about more than potatoes.

Karen Dawson, spokesperson for Cedar Grove, says the potatoes were a success – popular not just with fans but also with the chefs who prepared them.