More than 70 people have sent a mom in Utah a shirt that was discontinued from Target years ago after an emotional Facebook plea went viral.

Deborah Grimshaw Skouson posted to her Facebook page on August 7 that Cami, her daughter who has autism, loves her pink flower shirt, but it is worn out. She was asking her Facebook friends if any of them had one of the shirts, which was sold at Target in 2011 and 2012.

"She got her first one in kindergarten 5 years ago, and we have found 4 more since then, mostly on eBay. Her current one is almost unwearable, and eBay has gone dry," she said.

Her original post was shared more than 4,000 times. Then the plea was picked up by the popular Facebook page "Love What Matters".

With more than 9,000 likes, 13,000 shares and 500 comments, Grimshaw Skouson says the family has received 78 shirts so far, with many more on the way. Strangers have even offered to turn the shirts into teddy bears, pillows, blankets and more!

We love seeing the power of social media used for good!