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'Welcome to Jurassic Retreat': New dinosaur-themed Airbnb opens in Washougal

The home features five animatronic dinosaurs and pays homage to the movie, "Jurassic Park".

WASHOUGAL, Wash. — In the woods of Washougal, Washington, shrouded in mystery and mist is a place where Todd Perkins’ childhood dream is now a reality.

“Welcome to Jurassic Retreat!” exclaimed Perkins, as he walked through the massive gate leading to his new Jurassic Park-themed Airbnb. “That’s an Apatosaurus,” said Pekins, pointing up to one of five animatronic dinosaurs on the property. “It's about 56-feet long and 18-feet tall.”

The three-bedroom, two-bath home hosted its first guest over the weekend. Perkins is excited for others to experience the Jurassic Retreat.

“In the original movie, you see that long neck and you're like, ‘It's a dinosaur!’ You know?” said Perkins. “That's what I hope—that people have that same feeling and create those same memories with their family.”

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Perkins lives in Tri-Cities, Washington where he's a business owner and entrepreneur. He closed on the Washougal property last summer, then hauled the five dinosaurs down the Columbia River Gorge to their new home.

“I'm just happy it's done!” said Perkins.

Each room in the house pays homage to characters from "Jurassic Park," like Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm. There are details around every corner, from a mosquito encased in amber to faux books written by the movie’s fictional professors. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary basket of movie treats while watching stacks of Steven Spielberg DVDs.

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“We have a 75" TV where you can watch those movies and then look out the window and actually see dinosaurs while you're watching the movie in real life,” said Perkins.

The Jurassic Retreat home is not affiliated with Universal Pictures or Amblin Entertainment. Reservations are currently averaging $300 a night but are likely to fluctuate depending on the season and demand. Perkins admits the home is challenged when it comes to one modern amenity: “It doesn’t have the greatest WiFi right now,” he said.

But there are dinosaurs. 

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