Holy spider web, Batman! The web outside your house and my house looks supernatural! Take a look at the one caught on camera in a North Carolina back yard.

The person who took this picture has taken down the webs at night, and in the morning, there they are again!

WFMY talked to an expert at the NC State AG extension office. He says a spider can make that web in a matter of a couple of hours. And while there's no way to prevent them, there's a certain way you should take them down.

“Use some kind of long handled object like a broom stick or golf club or something,“ explains Dr. Matt Bertone. “Kinda knock down one side of the web, if you do it from the middle it will collapse on everything around and typically spiders are in the center of the webs and so you'll be going where the spider is then too.”

Most of us don’t want to go anywhere near where the spider is. So, make sure you go to the side. And for the record, Dr. Bertone, the AG expert, says he's heard a lot of people say they're seeing more spiders than normal.

He says it must just be a good year, for spiders that is!