Recycle your old electronics for free!

Thursday, Sept. 15, from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Accepting unlimited quantities of anything that requires the use of batteries or a power cord:

  • Computers – Laptops, Towers, Servers and Tablets
  • All appliances (small & large)
  • Keyboards, Mice, DVD/CD Drives
  • Cell Phones & Chargers
  • Power Supplies/Circuit Boards
  • Printers/Copiers/Fax Machines/Game Consoles
  • Scanners/PDAs/Flash Drives
  • Monitors & TV's
  • Routers / Networking Equipment
  • Household Electronics
  • Stereos, VCR/DVD Players
  • Telephones
  • Cables/Wiring/Christmas Lights/Power Cords
  • No light bulbs or batteries accepted

If your business would like to make a large donation that requires a pick-up at your location, please contact

Once Far West receives the material it is sorted into grades and recycled through manual and automated systems to create commodity grades that can be turned into new products. All items that contain personal data are destroyed thru shredding in accordance with National Association for Information Destruction standards.