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Portland couple creates mocktails app for those abstaining from alcohol

The app, BuzzCutt, is scheduled to launch this summer. It will help people find restaurants and bars in their area with non-alcoholic drink options.

PORTLAND, Ore. — During the month of January many embark in the popular sobriety challenge — Dry January. And studies have shown that cutting back on alcohol consumption can have a positive health impact that can eventually continue throughout the year. 

But finding restaurants and bars with fun non-alcoholic drinks, or mocktails, could be a challenge.

A Portland couple, Sarah and Olivia Sears are getting ready to make that hunt smoother with their up-and-coming app: BuzzCutt.

"You know, this app years ago would have been amazing and I just think about how it could have impacted my life," said Sarah, co-founder of BuzzCutt. Sarah has been sober for the last three years now.

The app aims at helping people find restaurants and bars that serve non-alcoholic drinks nationwide all by simply plugging in their zip code. 

The Sears have been on a mission to create this new app since August 2021. They said it all came from a dream. And just like that — they knew they needed to make it a reality. 

"[We are] really [trying to] make it feel like a little bit of a party,” said Sarah. “We want it to be accessible and approachable because it should be just as fun to go out and not drink as it is to [drink]," said Sarah.

Soda and water are commonly found at bars and restaurants — but it's more difficult to find actual mocktails or non-alcoholic beer when going out to eat or during a night out with friends. 

"It was really important, especially when Sarah was first getting sober, to find access points for socialization,” said Olivia. “You know, being around friends again because sobriety is obviously very different for everybody that experience."

According to Sarah and Olivia, it was overwhelming going back into the world that was once so familiar to them as different people. But they're both hoping this app helps make the transition to sobriety smoother or for those just not wanting an alcoholic drink. 

“We are really focused on contributing to that culture shift as well around,” said Sarah. “That you can party and have fun without having to be drinking.”

The app is in the final stages of development. Both Sarah and Olivia are beyond proud of each other for making this dream they've had a reality.  

“That's what makes it really surreal is not that it's happening, but that it's going to impact people for the better,” said Sarah. “And I think that's such a fun thing to feel. And it just makes me really happy  — so happy." 

If everything goes as planned the app is set to launch this summer. In preparation for the big launch, they have a few important dates and fundraisers scheduled. 

Their first online event is set for Monday, Jan. 23. They will share a link for people to donate — stay tuned through their Instagram page: @buzzcuttco.

The second event is the BuzzCutt Bazaar fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 28 from noon to 5 p.m. at the Victoria Bar located at 4835 North Albina Avenue, Portland. This is a free event but an RSVP is required. All proceeds will go towards the app development this spring. 


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