PORTLAND, Oregon — You might be spending more time at home than usual right now, which might be good news, as far as your plants are concerned.

Plants can bring beauty and joy into your home, and, as local business owners, The Plant Doctors, point out, "more importantly, they help you stay HEALTHY. They clean air by absorbing toxins, reduce stress and fatigue + they improve concentration!"

The Plant Doctors, aka Skylor and Chelsii, are two Portland women who love plants, and want to bring beautiful plants to people and businesses around town. They deliver and take care of plants inside many local businesses, and also sell plants to plant-loving customers in PDX as well.

It is now officially spring, and The Plant Doctors can show you how to repot any of your house plants that are ready for a new home.

Or maybe instead, you'd like a new plant with you at home, while you're practicing social distancing.

That's exactly where The Plant Doctors come in. Well, technically, it's where they don't come in... since they're practicing social distancing as well!

In order to keep everyone safe, but still bring some plant beauty to people, Skylor and Chelsii have launched a few new services. They can deliver a plant to you or someone you love at home, with a contact-free delivery. You can video chat with the doctors to ask them anything you want about your plants. Or you can "plant it forward," and send a plant to a local hero.

"Amidst the coronavirus, there are local heroes all over the city showing up to work to help us take care of ourselves," The Plant Doctors write on their website. "To the folks working at grocery stores, in pharmacies, driving buses and making our city run smoothly, THANK YOU!"

So for only $5, the Plant Doctors will take a plant to someone working in the grocery story, or a pharmacy. "These local heroes will be chosen at random and their plants will be gifted in their original pots."

plant doctors social distancing

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If you or someone you know could use an extra plant in their life right now, you can find all of these services on The Plant Doctors' website.

And if you just need more beautiful things to look at from your couch right now, follow @theplantdoctors on Instagram for endless greenery.